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Tonight’s sunset.

It's unfortunate that this has happened. WDFW will be around to enforce this closure. Sorry folks. Boat launch is now closed till April 7th.

WDFW closes recreational fishing statewide in wake of governor’s order to ‘Stay Home, Stay Healthy’ in response to COVID-19
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So to be clear we can go pull our boat out and take it home?

Seriously, this makes me question our decision makers. I understand most of the closures and keeping folks safe but how do they rationalize that people on a boat on a large body of water are going to spread a virus. You would have to have folks jumping from boat to boat, or multiple party barges with more than 10 people (which, according to the other restrictions is already a no-no) to contribute to the spread. Taking it a bit too far I’d say.

Their reasons are explained here: In short, overcrowding is happening on banks and boat launches and some fisheries require a high level of state employees interacting with the public. What they don’t mention is that they want people to stay home to cut down on the number of injuries requiring medical attention, rescues, gas station visits, etc. But it’s definitely too bad, we were also hoping it wouldn’t be an issue!

WDFW should be ashamed. If people can safely go to Walmart they can certainly safely go fishing

Good thing my boats already in the water. I will have to refrain from fishing and work on my 12 oz curls while social distancing. I’ll also have to ask any WDFW to keep their distance for both our safety. 😎

Does that stop me from taking my boat out. I'd be boating, not fishing.

God forbid anyone go out on the river and practice the best social distancing possible. Can we still pick up food?

Good luck enforcing this! They can’t block every boat ramp on the river.

They’ll be around to enforce it? Why isn’t anybody enforcing Covid(+)people to stay home?

The campground is still operating?

Why do you have to close your boat ramp? They closed fishing, not boating.

My husband and I bank fish, we have NEVER fished close to anyone!!😡

Sucks guys, sorry

Crap 💩. Sorry for you guys.

A very sad day indeed


Mike Stevenson, Brayden Mohney, Becky Stevenson

Maggie Alexander this won't make you guys happy


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To help us stay open and provide essential services to the community we are asking the following of our customers:

Snake River Grill - To go orders only. Please phone in your order. When picking up order please pull up to the boat launch staging/registration lane and we will deliver your order to you.

Store - The store is open. A limited number of people will be allowed in the store at a time to maintain social distancing. Please be paitient if you have to wait outside for your turn.

Stay safe and healthy by practising social distancing.

We apprciate your help during this time.
The Staff
Lyons Ferry Marina KOA
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Is the campground still open?

Is the boat ramp open?

Great job, Stay safe!

Weekend special. Pizza. ! Call and place order for pick up. 509-399-8030 ... See MoreSee Less

Weekend special. Pizza. !  Call and place order for pick up. 509-399-8030


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What he said! River pizza sounds awesome!

Do you deliver?

Are those going to be available this summer? My mouth is watering, lol.

2 weeks ago

Starbuck / Lyons Ferry Marina KOA

We want to thank all our customers who continue to support us.
See you on the river😁
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That's great that things are ok for you. My sister Judy Jackson and brother in law Don Jackson from Starbuck love eating at the marina when they get time. The next time you have a fish special please email me as I would like to pay for it. There phone number is in the directory but dont let them know it will be my surprise to them. Have a great week. Dan Huntley from Sutherlin, Oregon.

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